Pay anyone in your contacts directly from your bank

Send or request money instantly without ever sharing your bank details. Contactless, fee-less, painless, limitless personal transfers with anyone in your contacts.

1,600+ banks across Europe on the network

1-Click Checkout and huge rewards on every purchase

The fastest and most rewarding open banking checkout on the internet. Bankpay’s lightning-fast ecommerce checkout earns you points that are more valuable than any credit card out there.

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Open Banking payments your customers will actually use

Bankpay’s incentivised, 1-click checkout blows card payments out of the picture and unlocks instant credits and refunds, eliminates disputes & false declines and skyrockets conversion rates.

By devs, for devs - integrations that fit your store


Instant, direct-to-bank instore payment QR codes.

Accept instore payments without the need for expensive hardware - sign up, order your free QR code sticker and start accepting cardless payments in-person.

No app, no hardware needed - POS compatible