Pay by bank.
Earn store credit.

Pay now, earn credit.

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Pay by bank.
Earn store credit.

Get rewarded by your favorite brands for helping them save on payment fees.

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Safest way to pay.

Pay with your bank’s mobile app - no cards to lose, no numbers to get stolen. Bankpay is safer than plastic.

Instant refunds.

Card networks take 5-10 days to process refunds. With Bankpay, your refund is in your account in seconds.

World-class support.

Reach out to us on Live Chat, email, or any of our social media platforms - we’re always here to help.

Earn ££££ for ditching credit cards & BNPL apps.

Pay directly from your bank instead of borrowing and get rewarded with store credit. Spend more, earn more.

  • Earn over 10% credit every time you pay using Bankpay at checkout.
  • Transact using your bank’s mobile app, which is a lot more secure than using plastic.
  • Discover brands and earn bonus credit shopping with the Bankpay app.

Here’s how it works.

Bankpay helps your favorite brands save on payment processing fees, they pass these savings on to you in the form of store credit for choosing to pay with your bank account.

1. Select Bankpay at checkout.

2. Pay with your banking app.

3. Earn credits, redeem instantly

Discover and earn more with the Bankpay app.

Pay/request money, and (soon) discover brands & earn bonus credit when you shop with the Bankpay app.

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